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Check Out These Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Check Out These Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

It’s almost Halloween, and for most of us that only means one thing: find the perfect costume for this year’s Halloween party (or multiple parties for you popular kids). While some may spend months planning on end, others are last minute for everything. No worries, we’ve got you. We have tons of last minute Halloween costumes with one common base: a comfy Kigurumi! Not only do Kigurumis make for perfect last minute Halloween costumes for adults (and kids too!), they’re also simple to put together.

Here’s a list of easy Halloween costume ideas to get you started:


Any Lovecraft fans out there? Sazac has put together their craziest Kigurumi style yet: enter the Cthulhu Kigurumi, crazy tentacle mask and wings included. And while this onesie already looks WILD, it is also comfy as heck. That said, you can be the light of the party AND be cozy. This one also has major cuddle points, so if you’re looking to hit it up with someone new, this Kigurumi will be a real ice-breaker. Oh, and if the tentacles are getting in the way of the conversation, they are removable

Fluffy Panda 

Maybe Cthulhu is a little too much for you (we understand, it can’t be everyone’s jam!). Luckily, Kutame carries a wild variety of styles, and if you’re looking for something recognizable but not as outrageous, we suggest the Fluffy Panda Kigurumi. The monochromatic bear can be recognized from anywhere, has the happiest grin known to mankind, and even has pockets! What’s not to love? And as the name suggests, this onesie is so fluffy, you might win a prize for being so huggable.

Wondering why our onesies are more expensive? Kigurumis are real, licensed Sazac onesies from Japan. Unlike those on Amazon or elsewhere, our Kigurumis are guaranteed to last longer and have excellent detailing and fabric.


Wishing to go for something a little trashy, but too shy to go all the way? The Raccoon is called a “trash panda” for a reason, and despite its name it’s pretty respected and iconic. Everyone loves raccoons, even after watching it rummage through your garbage, and we're sure every party will welcome you with arms open wide. And if you’d rather ditch the party for some light trick-or-treating scavenging, this one will keep you ultra-comfortable for sure, even on a cold night.


If you’re more likely to cause a ruckus at the party and want something that screams “look at me–I’m mighty!”, we think you’ll love the Dinosaur Kigurumi. The hood is lined with sharp-looking teeth, leaving you looking like you’re always about to let out a shrilling RAWR. On top of that, this onesie is incredibly detailed–just look at those scales! It’s fabulous and furious, and always ready for a rampage. On a side note, what is more hilarious than a Dino hanging out by the punch bowl?


Sure, Halloween is a good opportunity for friends to gather together and hang out, whether it’d be on the dance floor or by the treats. But sometimes, despite the special occasion, you wish you could have stayed home. You’re too lazy for celebrations, but for some reason your friends managed to drag you out. That’s exactly what the Sloth Kigurumi is for, and you can express your true colors both lazily and comfortably on the couch while everyone else has fun. The Sloth Kigurumi is so detailed and intricate, your friends won’t even realize this was a last-minute idea. 

Have we got you inspired for Halloween? Check out our other styles here!

Kigurumi Sizing
Our Kigurumi will fit most people...

Kigurumi are made to be loose fitting and will fit adults who are at least five feet tall. However, if you're taller than 6", the wrist and ankle cuffs might not make it all the way to your wrists and ankles. Extra Tall Kigurumi are designed to fit people over 6".

Remember - Kigurumi are usually baggy at the chest and waist. If you're concerned with fitting into one of our Kigurumi, the limiting factor is usually your shoulder width.

Kigurumi Measurements
(Extra Tall sizing not available on all styles)
Adult Onesie Sizing
(in inches)
Regular Size
(Fits 5' and Taller)
Extra Tall Size
(Fits 6' and Taller)
Sleeve Length 23" 24"
Shoulder Width 22" 23"
Waist Circumference 57" 60"
Bust 50" 52"
Height (shoulder to ankle) 54"-59" 58"-63"

Adult Onesie Sizing
(in centimeters)
Regular Size
(Fits 152cm and Taller)
Extra Tall Size
(Fits 182cm and Taller)
Sleeve Length 59cm 62cm
Shoulder Width 57cm 60cm
Waist Circumference 145cm 154cm
Bust 128cm 134cm
Height (shoulder to ankle) 137-150cm 147-160cm
Measurements in Centimeters
Adult Kigurumi Sizing
Regular One Size
Extra Tall Size
Sleeve Length 59 62
Shoulder Width 57 60
Waist Circumference 145 154
Bust 128 134
Height 132 143