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Join our Influencer Team!

Are you an ambassador of all things cute looking to partner with a brand as fun and adorable as you? Consider yourself stylish, incredibly creative and a little quirky? We at Kutame are looking for folks like you!
As part of our influencer network, we are looking for creatives that are ready to push out original content, from engaging blog posts to photo and video, in exchange for a wide variety of goods.

What’s in it for you?

Free merch from our extensive collection
Become part of a growing community of like-minded influencers
Commission earned by referring other influencers


    Live in the United States

    Have at least 1k followers on Instagram
    Have at least 1k subscribers on YouTube

      What’s next?

      In the early stages of a campaign, we will reach out to influencers that have partnered with us.
      We will outline what we need from you – this could range from the promotion of new products, to sales, seasonal events, and more! Of course, you have every right to accept or decline – we will never force any of our influencers to take part in something that does not attracts them! 
      If that sounds like a treat and you’re interested in applying, simply reach out to Be sure to list your name, how you’ve heard of us, and your social profiles! If we think you’re the right fit, you’ll be hearing back from us in a jiffy!
      Once accepted, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
      We’re so excited to be working with you!
      Kigurumi Sizing
      Our Kigurumi will fit most people...

      Kigurumi are made to be loose fitting and will fit adults who are at least five feet tall. However, if you're taller than 6", the wrist and ankle cuffs might not make it all the way to your wrists and ankles. Extra Tall Kigurumi are designed to fit people over 6".

      Remember - Kigurumi are usually baggy at the chest and waist. If you're concerned with fitting into one of our Kigurumi, the limiting factor is usually your shoulder width.

      Kigurumi Measurements
      (Extra Tall sizing not available on all styles)
      Adult Onesie Sizing
      (in inches)
      Regular Size
      (Fits 5' and Taller)
      Extra Tall Size
      (Fits 6' and Taller)
      Sleeve Length 23" 24"
      Shoulder Width 22" 23"
      Waist Circumference 57" 60"
      Bust 50" 52"
      Height (shoulder to ankle) 54"-59" 58"-63"

      Adult Onesie Sizing
      (in centimeters)
      Regular Size
      (Fits 152cm and Taller)
      Extra Tall Size
      (Fits 182cm and Taller)
      Sleeve Length 59cm 62cm
      Shoulder Width 57cm 60cm
      Waist Circumference 145cm 154cm
      Bust 128cm 134cm
      Height (shoulder to ankle) 137-150cm 147-160cm
      Measurements in Centimeters
      Adult Kigurumi Sizing
      Regular One Size
      Extra Tall Size
      Sleeve Length 59 62
      Shoulder Width 57 60
      Waist Circumference 145 154
      Bust 128 134
      Height 132 143